XANDOR Canning Brett designs and engineers a wide range of steel and aluminium multi-stage pressings and fixings from our production facility in South Wales. Our talented team have generated a wide range of innovative solutions for demanding applications.

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XANDOR Canning Brett

XANDOR Canning Brett is part of XANDOR Plastics, a full-service supplier of injection moulded exterior, interior, under bonnet components and systems and also metal components to the European premium car market and distributors. We have 5 manufacturing facilities within the UK as well as a Design and Development centre in Leamington Spa.

XANDOR Plastics has over many years seen massive investment in the latest high technology plant and equipment. This has helped to drive five years of continuous sales growth which at times has exceeded 20% pa. This growth has been achieved against the backdrop of our increased capability in product design and manufacturing and hence our ability to offer even more complex systems to some of the world’s most demanding and challenging car manufacturers.